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Advantages of SIEMENS S7-1500 and S7-300 S7-400

Jul 05, 2023

Advantages of SIEMENS S7-1500 and S7-300/S7-400



The appearance design of S7-1500 is more humanized, and it is easier to be accepted by the project site personnel when choosing. Its module size is slightly larger than S7-300, the frame is similar to S7-300, the front connector has installed wiring position, and provides special power components and shielding bracket and wire card, make the wiring more convenient, higher reliability; especially with LED display on the CPU, S7-1500 sieries are much more convenient for engineers to see CPU status and fault information.


Advantage 2:

From the hardware aspect, S7-1500 PLC has faster processing speed, stronger networking capability, higher diagnostic capability and security, not only can save costs, improve production efficiency, but also much more safe and reliable, simple and convenient maintenance, truly become the preferred controller for factory customers and site maintenance personnel.for instance, Relative to the S7-300 / 400, The S7-1500 PLC adopts the new backplane bus technology, Using a high baud rate and a high transmission protocol, Make its signal processing speed is faster; S7-1500 All CPU integration with 1-3 PROFINET interfaces, Can achieve low cost fast configuration field level communication and company network communication, S7-300 / 400 PLC only individual model CPU integrated with PROFINET interface; S7-1500 PLC module integrates with diagnostic functions, The diagnostic level is the channel level, No additional programming is required, When a failure occurs, Fast and accurate identification of the affected channels, Reduce the downtime, This is unmatched by the S7-300 / 400 PLC. 


Advantage 3:

S7-1500 PLC has higher configuration and programming efficiency, and more convenient information collection and view, which is also a good news for engineering designers. Because S7-1500 is seamlessly integrated into TIA Botu software, whether it is hardware configuration, network connection and upper configuration, or software programming, its operation is simple and fast. S7-300 / 400 PLC special configuration programming software is classic STEP 7, and the upper configuration software is WinCC. Compared with TIA Botu software, some operations are cumbersome (for example, for each program block, when there is a syntax error, the save operation cannot be performed). For S7-1500, CPU status, process variables and fault information can be viewed at any time through Internet browser, built-in CPU display, TIA Botu and HMI devices, while for S7-300 / 400, there is no CPU display, and information collection and viewing is not as convenient as S7-1500. Advantage 4: S7-1500 PLC supports more extensive data types than S7-300 / 400 PLC. The S7-1500 has a maximum length of 64 bits, while the S7-300 / 400 PLC supports 32 bits; the S7-1500 supports Pointer, Any, and the S7-300 / 400 supports the first two. These characteristics all make the programming of S7-1500 more flexible. Advantage 5: In addition, the S7-1500 PLC can realize the motion control function without using other modules. With PLCopen technology, the controller can connect various drivers supporting PROFIdrive using standard components; S7-1500 PLC also supports TRACE function for all CPU variables, improving debugging efficiency and optimizing the driver and controller performance. In short, the functions of S7-1500 PLC not only cover the vast majority of S7-300 / 400 PLC, but also have a wide range of application, coupled with the above incomparable advantages, so that it in the future development, will be widely used in various engineering fields. Three S7-1500 and S7-300 / 400 product disadvantages For has so many advantages of S7-1500 PLC, is there no disadvantage?absolutely not! The most criticized thing of Botu series is not hardware, but software!

 First of all, Botu not only integrates STEP 7 and WINCC, but also the amount of a single software is relatively large, making the whole Botu software very memory, always the computer is stuck by it, which makes the general practitioners into a very embarrassing situation. The general electrical practitioners of the programming computer are the elderly machine, may have been running for many years, simply can not take bo way, not because the PLC for the replacement of debugging computer? But how to achieve a very good debugging and maintenance without a very good tool?

Secondly, the software version inside the bo way must be consistent. If STEP 7 is upgraded to V14SP1, WINCC must also be upgraded to the corresponding version, otherwise it cannot be used. These kinds of problems have formed a small obstacle to the future development of Botu. Software to users the biggest trouble is: bo way software downward compatibility is bad, this leads to if the user of the project there are a lot of different versions of the project, can only install multiple versions of bo way to implement, the amount of bo way software led to the users do not want to upgrade, so the feature is indirectly limit the development of Siemens bo way.


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